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  • Top Photo Hosting Sites That Offer Free Online Image Hosting

    While there are a number of photo hosting sites that provide image hosting at different price points, we have listed down only those that offer this service for free.

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    Strikingly: Picture Perfect Galleries, Free of Cost

    Present your best work with a free photo hosting site that lets you build beautiful galleries. Explore the different possibilities for showcasing your talent or expressing your ideas with image presentation tools by Strikingly.


    With Strikingly, you get access to gallery tools and layout options free of charge. Explore different ways of presenting your photos and even expand your website’s functionality with various features such as ecommerce and blogging that are all accessible without extra cost.

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    Google Photos: Perfect for Sharing Photos with Your Own Network

    If you have a collection of photos that you want to share to an exclusive group of people such as family and friends, Google Photos is one of the best free photo hosting sites that you can try. It allows you to upload high quality photos in large quantities with an auto-backup feature so you’re sure that you won’t lose your data. You can also edit and organize your images by creating categories and folders, and even manage access to each folder. If you are taking photos using a smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera, you can use the unlimited storage that this image hosting website offers. For seasoned photographers and professionals who use a DSLR, you can use your Google account’s storage space.

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    Imgur: Good for GIFs

    Imgur is a known free image hosting site for Reddit. If you’re on this social media site a lot, you will probably have come across a few of the GIFs that were shared from this platform. It’s also allows you to share image files easily on other social media networks, making it one of the top photo hosting sites today. With Imgur, you can store an unlimited number of images without worrying about expiry. If you’re uploading GIFs or images for sharing to social media, you don’t really need to create an account but for creating albums and uploading photos through email attachments, you will need to sign up for one.

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    Dropbox: For Sharing Image Files and More

    If you need image hosting services simply for the purpose of having somewhere to store large volumes of files, Dropbox might be a suitable option for you. The platform is not just a free online image hosting website. It also allows you to store different types of files other than photos but it is a popular option for creative professionals looking for a way to share files to clients securely. Just like Google Photos, Dropbox comes with auto backup but because it is not a specialized image hosting website, it does not have photo editing features.

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    Flickr: Network with Other Creatives

    Flickr is one of the most popular free photo hosting sites, widely used by creatives and professional photographers. If you want to meet enthusiasts and people who share your love for taking photos, this image hosting website is for you. You can use this website to host your online portfolio or share an album to a select group of people. Alternatively, you can also publish images on your Flickr account for your eyes only.

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